Cities of Connected Learning
The Project

The CONNECT approach aims to change educational practice, from isolated forms of learning to learning in distributed networks.

The aim of the CONNECT project is to apply the concept of connected learning to adult education and to test it in an urban context. Digital and urban learning resources should be linked in a blended learning approach.

The target cities were Munich (Germany), Dublin (Ireland), Bucharest (Romania), Valencia (Spain) and Kallithea (Greece).

Learning as personal and common good

One assumption was that by expanding their networks and opportunities, learners not only acquire new knowledge, skills and competencies, but also identify themselves more strongly with the local community.

The project outcomes make evident that learners are ready to share their own experiences and knowledge if they have the impression that this knowledge also serves the common good.

New roles for educators

Teachers in the framework of the CONNECT approach are  moderators of personal learning projects and mediators of learning interests in and between learning networks.

CONNECT has conducted “Facilitator” training courses and equipped them with the skills needed to support adult learners in networked learning environments.

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